Embark on a life-affirming journey to reclaim your health and your future.

A cancer diagnosis never comes at a good time.
Mine came on my 40th birthday. It spurred me on to learn everything I could about health and wellness — ten years later, I am still here, healthy and happy.

I use what I discovered to help people overcome – and thrive – after the unimaginable fear of being diagnosed with cancer. My goal is to ensure that the change that cancer brings can be transformed into making life a better one. 

The human body has a tremendous self-healing capacity, something I learnt after working with countless professionals from all areas of medicine. 

I want to share my first-hand experience and knowledge to teach you how to strengthen your immune function, reduce the detrimental side effects of treatment – and dramatically improve your quality of life.

After-cancer support can be so much more than it is. That’s why I created the Shine Through Cancer programme – a set of approaches aimed at helping people reclaim, restore and renew their lives on every level. 

Learn how you, like many of my clients, can discover a whole new depth of meaning of life. 

Life after cancer can be better than it was before. Are you ready?

“Emma is the most empathetic coach I have worked with. She brings amazing energy and positivity to our sessions. She is happy to share her personal experiences and gives me the space to articulate my feelings and emotions. Her depth of knowledge is outstanding and shares excellent resources. A beautiful human being.”

Richard Pope

I did not anticipate the darkness and continuous emotional distress that came with my cancer diagnosis.I frequently found myself in a very bleak situation. Emma's presence was really helpful to me, as she had gone through exactly the same thing. She calmed me down and made me feel secure, providing me with the courage to persevere.

Jo Abi

Emma helped me so much with my health, really listening and then explaining what I needed to do. She is kind and clear, and I have found it easy to implement her advice. I would recommend Emma to everyone regardless of whether they have been diagnosed with cancer or not.

Jack Callebout